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Idiots on Board Have No Business Being on Boats [VIDEO]

This Idiots on Board compilation has some hilarious fails, and some of them look quite serious. There are large boats, small crafts, and even kayaks involved.

This Idiots on Board video opens with what looks like a very nice boat being pounded on a rocky bank with the stern crashing on shore. The owner falls on and off the deck. How he got himself into this position is anyone’s guess.

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The compilation is hilarious at times, but some of these accidents likely resulted in serious injuries, if not death. Viewer discretion is advised.

Boating safety is a serious issue. When things go wrong on the water, they go wrong fast and too often result in injury.

There are parts of this video where boaters actually fall off the front and back of vessels in motion. This should never happen, and is about as dangerous as you can get on the water. Alcohol and inexperience probably played a big part in several of these fails.

It’s a good idea to take a boater safety course before operating any vessel; especially with a motor.

Be safe out there.

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Idiots on Board Have No Business Being on Boats [VIDEO]