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Close the Distance This Turkey Season with a Mouth Call

YouTube/Scott Ellis

With spring turkey season closing in on us, it’s time to add one more call to your turkey hunting arsenal.

With thousands of hunters across the country gearing up for this turkey season, it’s crucial to have an extra call or two in your arsenal prior to heading out to give you the edge on hung up birds.

When stubborn gobblers refuse to commit to your call and are just steps out of range, having a mouth call at the ready will give you the advantage that you need to get the deal done.

Break out the notepad, it’s time to get some inside tips from a pro.

For the most part, box and friction calls are easy to operate and generate good volume to lure turkeys in from a long ways out. Unfortunately, the downside to these calls is that they take your hands off of your gun.

Having the ability to continue the conversation with a gobbler while keeping your eyes down the barrel of your shotgun will drastically increase your odds of success.

Practice with a mouth call before opening day to increase your odds in the field this spring!


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Close the Distance This Turkey Season with a Mouth Call