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Close Call in Thailand Pits Motorcyclist Against Bear

A motorcycle rider’s helmet camera caught the terrifying moment when a large bear almost caused the worst kind of collision with him.

A motorcycle rider and his passenger just out for a ride near Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand had a scary encounter with a big bruin.

The pair were traveling together through a wooded area when the bear popped out of nowhere causing the man to utter the universal exclamation “Whoooaa!”

Check out this very real close call.

Asian black bears are a medium sized bear that lives in the forests from the Himalayas to the islands of Japan. While they are mainly an herbivorous animal that keeps to themselves, they are known to be quite aggressive towards humans.

It looks more like this bear is trying to avoid a collision more than cause one, but due to the fact that they are regularly poached they are protected in most areas.

Whatever side of the road you find yourself driving on, depending on which country you are visiting, keep your eyes open and don’t let things like distracted driving with your phone or other device keep you from having a safe trip.

All’s well that ends well for this rider and his passenger! Much thanks to him for sharing this video with everyone!



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Close Call in Thailand Pits Motorcyclist Against Bear