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Cleaning Your Gun with Essential Oils? This Shooter Does

This shooter is a fan of using something a little odd to clean his gun.

Gun maintenance is very important. A properly cleaned gun functions better, and could ultimately save your life.

Watch the video below an learn why this shooter believes cleaning your gun with essential oils is a good idea.

Quick Overview of how I clean my guns with Young Living Essential Oils. 🦏

Posted by Danny Hill on Friday, January 19, 2018

Many of us are used to using commercially made cleaning oils and solvents for our guns. Danny Hill posted this video on his Facebook page, showing us how he uses essential oils to get the job done. He explains why he does so and how he cleans his guns in this very interesting clip.

Remember bear grease and sperm oil were common gun cleaning and maintenance items in the past? Will essential oils be the newest addition to your gun cleaning kit?

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Cleaning Your Gun with Essential Oils? This Shooter Does