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Chris Christie’s Response to Anti-Bobcat Hunting Question is Epic

If you don’t like Chris Christie, maybe it’s time you reconsider. 

Chris Christie, in my opinion, should be a frontrunner for the office of the president in the upcoming election. He has conviction, passion, heart, and a clear understanding of how governing works by working on both sides of the aisle.

However, when it comes to bobcats in New Hampshire, he admittedly has no idea.

At a town hall meeting on February 1st, a concerned citizen of Nashua, New Hampshire asked the governor of New Jersey what he thought about allowing for a bobcat hunt in the state, even though they are listed as an endangered species.


“Honestly, I have no damn idea,” Christie said as reported by the Daily Record. He then went on to jokingly complain that he now had to go back to his hotel room and research the topic because if he didn’t, he could not have a definitive answer twice in a row.

“You did this to me!” Christie said. “Someone’s going to ask me the bobcat question tomorrow. I can say I don’t know once, but I can’t say it twice.”

Just as it turned out, on the morning of February 2nd, he was asked the same question again. This time, Christie had his answer.

“I now have a firm position: I am for hunting bobcats,” said Christie. “A little research, and one vote lost,” he said. Christie was informed after the town hall the night before that the person asking the bobcat question was against hunting.

“For all of you who want bobcats killed, I’m your guy,” Christie continued to joke. “They (the other candidates) will be following my lead today,” he laughed. “That’s exactly what America needs: Leadership on bobcats.”

From this point forward let it be known that Chris Christie is a pro-hunting candidate.


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Chris Christie’s Response to Anti-Bobcat Hunting Question is Epic