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Chris Brackett: “There Has Never Been an Animal Die of CWD”

Chris Brackett speaks out about the CWD scare in the U.S., and goes against the traditional thoughts.

Chris Brackett, producer and host of Outdoor Channel’s Fear No Evil, has spoken to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in the midst of the outdoor show season, and had some particularly interesting things to say regarding the recent CWD cases across the Midwest and rest of the country.

“There has never been an animal die of CWD,” Brackett said. “Never, never, never.”

“I was fortunate enough to learn from a person who was one of the first people to discover CWD. I picked his brain for nine days,” said Brackett in the interview. “The fact is, what does with CWD do … they’re not dying from it. I think we’ve got a lot bigger problems than urine being spread.”

Cases of states wanting to ban urine-based attractants have made news lately, but Brackett’s opinion is one that’s fresh, unique, and perhaps based on different information from what the general public has gotten.

Research continues to be done to find out more about the disease, but this latest statement from Brackett may turn the tables. We know that CWD doesn’t affect humans, but in general, most information available online and elsewhere says CWD is fatal in deer and other ungulates.

Read the full story from the Post-Gazette here.


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Chris Brackett: “There Has Never Been an Animal Die of CWD”