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How to Choose Hiking Boots for That Outdoor Adventure

Getting the right hiking boots for your outdoor activities can make or break the experience, follow these tips to choose the right pair.

There is more to selecting the appropriate pair of hiking boots than first meets the eye. Environment, weight-loads and a wide number of factors must be considered before making the right purchase. In fact, most outdoorsmen will want to have a few different styles on hand for varying conditions.

Have a look as the pros at REI CO-OP summarize some of the points you should think about before getting that new pair of hiking boots.

Getting it right for what kind of footwear you want is arguably the most important choice you will make in your outdoor gear. Boots can cause the outdoorsman agony if they do not fit properly or are unsuitable for the environment.

For fall and early winter conditions, I rely on a heavier boot from Lowa, these boots designed for the serious adventurer are widely used by special forces soldiers and are the ultimate in ruggedness. For warmer climates and lighter loads, consider boots such as Merrell, a well-known U.S. boot maker. This is another favorite choice of the serious outdoorsman and military ground-pounders.

Your feet are what’s going to get you into and out of that next adventure, so don’t go low budget on this investment, get the best possible pair you can.



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How to Choose Hiking Boots for That Outdoor Adventure