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Check Out This Youth Bowfishing Pool Hunt [VIDEO]

Getting a start in the sport of youth bowfishing sometimes means thinking out of the box. Here’s what one dad did to get his son going.

We all want to see our children succeed. We like to think that giving them the best chance at success is the way to go. Here’s an interesting method to get it done.

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Check out how a five-year-old knows how to shoot a bow and talk to the camera:


Bowfishing has been around a lot longer than there have been cameras to film it with. For generations, fishermen have strived to harvest fish for survival. When they realized that using a bow was one of the best ways to do it, bowfishing was born.

While “shooting fish in a barrel” may be adverse to some, the lesson learned is accuracy and safety. Under the guidance of a parent or guardian the primitive hunting sports can be learned safely and effectively.

This young man is now a hunter and fisherman for life, and will most likely pass the knowledge on someday to his own kids.

Okay, what do you think: is a “canned” hunt like this a good way to teach kids?

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Check Out This Youth Bowfishing Pool Hunt [VIDEO]