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Check out the Size of This Monster Morel Mushroom

This is one beast of a morel. 

This ginormous fungi was found last year by Kenny Nordmeyer of Saline County, Missouri.

It is a true morel mushroom because it is hollow inside.

MONSTER MOREL UPDATE: Thank you to the 10,000 fans who liked our post on the MONSTER MOREL and to the more than 17,000 who shared it and the nearly 200 who commented on it to help the post reach 1.7+ MILLION people! We have the video below from the finder of the mushroom that shows it to be hollow inside and therefore a true morel. Our mushroom expert confirms this. – Joe@MDC

That is indeed a monster morel, confirmed by the Missouri Department of Conservation in this post on Facebook.

Spring is here and that means prime mushroom hunting time.

What’s your favorite morel mushroom recipe? Share it with us on Facebook.


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Check out the Size of This Monster Morel Mushroom