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Check Out the New Anti-Drone Beam Rifle, the DroneDefender

Battelle’s new counter-UAV anti-drone beam rifle called the DroneDefender is the newest thing in the battle against unwanted drone flight.

Battelle has stated that the “US nonprofit Battelle Memorial Institute developed and tested the unique anti-drone beam-gun “Drone Defender”. The drone jamming system is a portable ray-gun designed to beam radio linkage between a UAV and the operator with consequent safe landing of the intercepted drone”

The main emphasis they say is to have a portable, hand-held point-and-shoot weapon in the fight against unwanted drone operation in sensitive areas. Here’s how it works:

While it looks like a cross between a sawfish and a satellite dish receiver, the company says that it can freeze out the UAV and disable the operator’s commands from as far away as 400 meters.

All that and it supposedly can land the drone without any harm to it as shown in the video.

Some say that drones like the one used in the video have an auto-hover feature and will only do what it was told to do until it receives a new command. Does the DroneDefender give the command to land? If so, what other device might this thing work against; an airplane for instance?

Sounds crazy, I know, but let’s get the whole story before they let these things loose!


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Check Out the New Anti-Drone Beam Rifle, the DroneDefender