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Check Out These Monkeys Hunting Wild Boar [VIDEO]

Check Out These Monkeys Hunting Wild Boar [VIDEO]

You’ll see trained monkeys hunting wild boar in this entertaining nature video.

Apparently, native hunters in the African country of Mozambique figured out a long time ago how to train monkeys to help them catch wild boar.

“Monkeys hunting wild boar?” you say? Here’s how they do it. First, the human hunters toss the monkeys like soft grenades at packs of wild boar. The monkeys then chase the boars down, jump onto their backsides and ride them around like miniature horses. Once they’ve been captured, the monkeys herd the boars back to the hunters, who use spears to deliver the finishing blows.

The video of the monkeys hunting wild boar was posted to YouTube last week, but looks like it was made sometime in the late 1970’s. We got a kick out of the Dukes Of Hazard-esque soundtrack playing throughout the video.

Monkeys hunting wild boar isn’t all that strange considering that some chimps use spears to hunt mammals. Humans have been training animals to help them hunt and fish for thousands of years. Some Chinese fishermen use cormorant birds to catch fish, and in Tibet, tribal hunters train eagles to hunt foxes and wolves.

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