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Check Out Franklin Armory’s New Binary Firing System

Binary shooting could be the next best thing to burst or full auto shooting.

There are many triggers that help ARs shoot faster. Minimal trigger weights and even the design of the trigger itself have evolved over the years.

Franklin Armory released their Binary Shooting system that should help shooters get double taps on a target even faster than a lightweight trigger.

The Binary system has three selector modes: safe, semi, and binary. While in Binary mode, the trigger will fire a round when pulled and released.

There is one question everyone asks about the system: how do you get back to semi or safe when you have the trigger pulled and primed for the second shot?

Well, the operator moves the selector back to the semi or safe position and releases the trigger. The second shot will not be fired. Franklin Armory had third party examinations on the trigger, and also had the ATF thoroughly check for the possibility of a misfire. The design worked so well that no negligent rounds were ever fired.

While speaking to the Franklin Armory rep at SHOT, he was very quick and clear to make sure that he mentioned that the trigger system will not be sold in states such as California and New York because of the states’ assault weapon regulations. Make sure to check your state’s local laws if you feel this is something that you want to add to your collection.

The price for the trigger will be set at $399. Expect delays as the Rep that was showcasing the product at SHOT advised he has a 12-14 week back order on the product already.

Shooting speeds will vary as the operator can out run the action sequence of the binary system. As Mac shows in the video, you can train to run the system effectively and quickly unload 30 round magazines. Stay vigilant.


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Check Out Franklin Armory’s New Binary Firing System