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How to Catch and Release Trout with Little to No Harm

Catch and release is practiced in most of America’s best trout fishing locations.

However, the way in which you release that trout can make all the difference in whether or not it survives. Learn how to properly catch the fish, take great pictures, and still release the fish unharmed.

Catch and release is a great practice for fishing sustainability in your favorite trout stream. However, if done so improperly, it can end up killing the fish and feeding the local wildlife opposed to your family. Improper handling of a fish is almost never done intentionally.

It is most likely caused by lack of knowledge on what can harm the fish or over zealous trophy photos. If you take the time to develop a plan before hand for pictures, you can return the fish to the water unharmed and still have enough pictures to fill an album full of memories.



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How to Catch and Release Trout with Little to No Harm