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No, You Can’t Use a Powered Parachute to Spot Deer in Idaho

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Cheerful Curmudgeon

Apparently a few Idaho hunters misread the hunting rules, or just tried to work around them.

It is illegal, just about everywhere in this country, to use aircraft to spot game animals with the intention of communication with hunters on the ground in pursuit of those animals.

Well, that is exactly what three men in southeastern Idaho did in October of this year. To be technical about it, they used a powered parachute.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game stated in a news release that they received tips from passerbys regarding a low flying powered parachute in the area over a nearby a wildlife management area. Upon investigation, the three men were cited.

All three men pleaded guilty in court and received a one year hunting ban in the state of Idaho. They also received a $500 fine with $400 of it suspended and 10 days in jail.

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No, You Can’t Use a Powered Parachute to Spot Deer in Idaho