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Can Find You the Sniper Before He Shoots?

find the sniper
Image via Screenshot

We’ve got a little test for you. Can you find the sniper in the video before it’s too late?

We’ve found quite a doozy of a test for you today. The following clip has a sniper hidden somewhere in the woods and waiting to take the shot. Your challenge is to find the sniper before it’s too late and he manages to squeeze the trigger and take the shot. Will you survive?

Did you find the sniper in time? Most people probably didn’t. A good sniper like this one is only seen if you happen to be looking right near the weapon at the time the shot is fired, and many rifles now have additional accessories to help hide that as well.

If you did spot him, well done, if not, maybe you can use this as an excuse to spend some more time hunting to practice.

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Can Find You the Sniper Before He Shoots?