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Calling Gobblers with Hens: It’s Not Impossible [VIDEO]

Of all the turkey hunting excuses, gobblers with hens might be the most common.

Expert caller Chris Parrish explains how to stop making excuses and start killing turkeys.

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Parrish, like most consistently successful hunters, takes a number of calls to the woods. You should too. The list below details some of his favorite calls to use on gobblers with hens.

Fighting Purr

This calls works when nothing else will. I haven’t experienced Parrish’s 99 percent success ratio while using it, but it is pretty effective.

Cluck and Purr

This soft call works well on quiet turkeys. Parrish uses a mouth call and says that it takes a little time and practice. I say it takes a lot of both. The easiest way to cluck and purr is with a pot call. This call is deadly if you are dealing with a close, but out-of-sight, gobbler or a gobbler with hens.


If appealing to a gobbler’s sensitive side doesn’t work, try starting a fight. Gobblers become territorial and aggressive toward one another in the spring and a gobble from a rival, like you, sometimes brings a ticked-off bird running. You can gobble on a tube, mouth, or box call. Gobble specific calls are currently available on the market. Regardless of the call type, pay attention to Parrish’s advice, and make sure you use it in a safe situation.

Flock Talk

A gobbler with multiple hens usually won’t leave them to check out a single hen on her own. Try to sound like a group of turkeys and you might pique his hens’ interest. When they come to investigate, you will be in the perfect position to make the kill.

You don’t have to call as well as Parrish to kill turkeys, but it sure helps. Practice calling gobblers now, and be ready when turkey season finally starts.

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Calling Gobblers with Hens: It’s Not Impossible [VIDEO]