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Claims of California Mountain Lion Attack Deemed a Hoax

A California man said he was badly scratched after killing the cat with his bare hands.

A man in San Luis Obispo has a crazy story to tell of his escape from a California mountain lion attack.

A little too crazy, as the news station reporting his ordeal has now determined it to be a hoax.

Robin Olson said he was hiking with his son in an off-trail area of Prefumo Canyon when the big cat attacked him.

Olsen claimed that, in a amazing turn of events, it was the mountain lion that ended up dead after he killed it by snapping its neck.

Olson thanked his NCAA wrestling background with helping him to escape the alleged female mountain lion’s attack with only scratches to show for it. “I got lucky,” Olson told KBSY 6 News.


“It’s horrible, I mean, I love animals,” Olson said. “I just happened to be in her space by accident.”

The news station was unable to verify the story, and reported that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife interviewed Olson on Monday and said he admitted the story was fabricated.

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Claims of California Mountain Lion Attack Deemed a Hoax