Bowhunter Attempts Shot on Trophy Buck, How He Misses Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

We’ve all seen some near-misses, but this is absurd.

Bowhunting requires an extreme amount of skill – stalking up to your prey, keeping your arms from shaking, and most of all trusting your aim, because very rarely do you get a second shot.

This bowhunter from an unknown area ran into a little bit of an issue with his aim, and the way in which he misses is practically unbelievable. Plus the best part? His poor shot isn’t even the biggest highlight.

We must apologize for the video quality, as we were unable to find any other versions. The deer in the video is to the left in the brush. Eventually the cameraman zooms in and steadies the camera.

Warning: Some strong language is used in video.

Can you believe how serious that stare down was? We’re having a hard time making out exactly what he’s saying, but obviously he’s just as incredulous about what happened as us viewers are.

We can all be backseat hunters when we’re not the one taking the shot,  but accidents and misfires happen, although they can potentially be avoided with constant practice and knowledge of your gear. Sometimes though, luck is just against you.

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