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Book Campsites Through Hipcamp, the New Hip Camping Guide of America [PICS]

All images via Hipcamp

Discover and book campsites through Hipcamp, a new digital website where you find the best available campsites. 

We are always plugged in. Use that time you are plugged in to find a place to unplug with Hipcamp. Hipcamp is a new website where you can find and book campsites.

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Hipcamp started when one of the founders, Alyssa Ravasio, finally found a campsite in Big Sur on the California coast after scouring different campsite’s websites. Even when she arrived at her campsite, she found it was at a beach with a great surf break and she didn’t bring her board.

“I was pretty frustrated and I thought, ‘There should be a comprehensive website for people who like the outdoors who are looking to camp and backpack and get out there.’”

Hipcamp was born in June 2013.

Right now, they affiliate with 365 parks, 2,011 campgrounds and 54,155 campsites in Oregon, Texas, Florida, and California.

You can see availability at campgrounds you already know about or discover new ones around you. I tried it with Austin. Hipcamp gave me six campsites complete with pictures, amenities, activities nearby, maps, and booking options. When I would check availability, Hipcamp sends me to the actual reservation page on the campsite’s website. Everyone wins.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.20.17 PM

You can filter campsites that allow dogs, if there is drinking water available, and if they have bathrooms.

It is pretty convenient to have a comprehensive booking site specifically for campgrounds. Once they acquire more campsites in more states this will be a great resource. I will definitely be using it to book campsites here in Texas so if campsites in your state are already affiliated, I would suggest taking advantage of this new website.

Hipcamp’s mission is simple:

Get more people outside by making it easier to discover & book great campsites.

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Book Campsites Through Hipcamp, the New Hip Camping Guide of America [PICS]