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Biggest Barramundi of the Year Caught in New Zealand

The biggest barramundi caught so far in 2015 was recently landed in New Zealand.

As reported by NT News, a 53.15-inch barramundi was caught in an undisclosed New Zealand location by angler Thomas Simpson. The 135 cm fish could rival, or even beat, the current record for the species.

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Though the fish caught by Simpson has no official record (and no images yet), the one in the photo above is a 130 cm, or 51.1-inch barramundi caught by Jessica Henggeler in the Daly River. The recent fish landed by Simpson is said to be 22 kg, or 48.5 pounds.

Experts say Simpson’s catch is the largest of the year, and likely came from one of several big name waterways developing reputation for big fish. New Zealand fishing aficionado Alex Julius described it as being a “catch of a lifetime.”

The record for barramundi is 135 cm and 44.6 kg, equaling out to more than 98 pounds. Something tells us Simpson doesn’t care about putting his name in the record books, or he would have been far less discreet about it.

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Biggest Barramundi of the Year Caught in New Zealand