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Bet You Never Knew About These Nearby Portland Hikes [PICS]

Here are 5 great Portland hikes closer to home than you think!

Punchbowl Falls
Eric Vogt


So you like to hike but don’t want to spend half your time commuting to the trailhead?

We get that, so to help you out we’ve put together a slideshow of cool Portland hikes not too far from home!

These great hikes around the Portland Metro area offer you a taste of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. From lakeside loops to waterfalls and swimming holes, these trails give you a sample of the many attractions Portland hikes are known for.

Check out the sideshow to learn a little bit more about these awesome Portland hikes.

1. Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls

Steen Jensen

A stunning Columbia River Gorge hike, Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls is only 45 minutes from the heart of Portland and great for the whole family. The Eagle Creek trail boasts multiple waterfalls, towering firs, and leaning basalt cliffs.

The distance from the trailhead to the turn around at Tunnel Falls is six miles and at the two-mile mark hikers can cool off at Punchbowl Falls, a beautiful swimming hole surrounded by old growth forest.

As you continue along the trail you’ll encounter multiple foot bridges and waterfalls before reaching your destination at Tunnel Falls, a walkway carved into the rock wall behind the falls in 1910.

2. Round Lake, Camas, WA

Lyn Topinka

Round Lake is a five-mile hike located in Camas, Washington only 30 minutes from Portland.

The beautiful scenery and moderate difficulty make this hike a great choice for families or individuals looking for a relaxing day hike.

Round Lake Trail also connects with the Lacamas Heritage Trail system, adding miles of possibility to your already beautiful lakeside hike! Bathrooms, play structures, and picnic tables are just some of the many perks offered along the Round Lake Trail.

3. Bonney Meadows

Gary Zauner

Bonney Meadows is just over six miles out and back gaining roughly 5,000 feet in elevation along the way! Don’t be intimidated, though the elevation gain is high, trail use is very low so you can enjoy the scenic lake views and flowering meadows in complete solitude. Bonney Meadows trailhead can be reached from the Bonney Meadows Campground, only 70 minutes outside of Portland and the view from the final destination make the hike well worth the effort.

4. North Oxbow Park Hike

Tyson Gillard

If you’re a fan of hiking through old growth forests and spotting animals along the way then the North Oxbow Trailhead to Buck Creek Bend is the hike for you.

This eight-mile loop leads you along the beaches of the Sandy River before guiding you up through deer meadows with amazing vistas and back through some of the closest old growth forest to Portland.

Only 40 minutes outside of the city, this Portland hike is great for families looking to get away for the day or even take a weekend camping trip with the kids.

5. Soda Peaks Lake

Sean Thomas

The Soda Peaks Lake hike may be 90 minutes outside of Portland but how many subalpine lakes have you visited lately?

The 4.5 mile hike in climbs quickly before descending into the Soda Peaks Lake basin.

Snow can be found along the shoreline late into the summer months and the cool, clear water offers beautiful reflections of Mt. Hood and the surrounding Indian Haven Wilderness.

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Bet You Never Knew About These Nearby Portland Hikes [PICS]