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Best 15 Lures for Redfish

Fishing for redfish is fun and exciting, but lure selection can be a little confusing.

Rapala X-Rap

With so many redfish lures to choose from and the fantastic claims that go along with them, you could end up with a boat full of lures you never use.

Here are a few tried and true go-to lures that many redfish guides use on the flats. I try and keep several extra rods loaded with these lures. You never know when you might get a wind knot, tangle, or just need to bounce a jig off the bottom or make a little noise with topwater.

Most of these and more great lures for redfish can be found at, and

View the slideshow to see the best lures for fishing for redfish.

Assorted Poppin Corks

Berkley Gulp Alive Shrimp

Bomber Long-A-Lure

Bomber Lures Badonk-A-Donk

DOA Shrimp

H&H Secret Redfish Spoon

TTF Hackberry Hustler

Heddon Super Spook

MirroLure Suspended Twitch Bait

Nemire Red Ripper Spoon

Rapala X-Rap

Strike King Redfish Magic Spinner

TTF Red Killer

Yozuri 3D Popper

Yozuri 3D Shrimp

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Best 15 Lures for Redfish