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Bed Fishing Smallmouths: See What Really Happens

bed fishing smallmouth
Michigan United Conservation Clubs

Think you know what’s going on under the water? Think again.

In just a few weeks, I’ll be on the water for one of my favorite spring outings: bed fishing smallmouths.

I’m fortunate to live in Michigan where smallmouth lakes aren’t hard to find. The water’s clear and the fish are plentiful. Bed fishing for smallmouths can be pretty simple. Find the fish and you’ll have action. In recent years, I’ve started employing a GoPro camera while targeting smallmouths on beds. The footage has been eye-opening.

This footage was pretty humbling. I had no idea I was missing so many bites. Smallmouth bass are mean. They’re aggressive. Several of those strikes looked pretty violent. And yet I either didn’t feel them or I missed the fish. I use quality equipment so I’m not sure the gear is to blame. I can only imagine how many other bites I’ve missed.



Drop Shot Fishing for Fat Smallmouth Bass in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin [VIDEO]

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Bed Fishing Smallmouths: See What Really Happens