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This Bald Eagle Has Terrible Fishing Hole Etiquette

When these unlucky fisherman chose the same lake as a bald eagle, the bird was out to protect his turf.

The bald eagle makes its living by preying on fish and other aquatic creatures. They also feed on carrion left behind by motorists or other predators.

Watch the video to see why sharing a fishing hole with a bald eagle really stinks.

The fact that they occupy the top of the food chain nearly caused the bald eagles’ demise starting at the time of European settlement. The eagles competed with humans for food and many were shot by hunters and fisherman who thought they were a threat to their livelihood. Later, the widespread use of DDT, a chemical pesticide, threatened both adult bald eagles and the eggs they laid.

Luckily, the bald eagle was classified as an endangered species in 1967, before the Endangered Species Act had even been passed. This protection, combined with the ban on DDT and improved citizen awareness, has helped the bald eagle regain a foothold in many areas where they were once absent.

So the next time a bald eagle is harassing you and stealing your favorite fishing hole, remember the history of the species and shrug it off. After all, fighting for what is rightfully yours is the American way.



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This Bald Eagle Has Terrible Fishing Hole Etiquette