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Baby Swordfish Might Just Be the Cutest Swimmer in the Sea

Juan C. Levesque

Measuring mere millimeters, this baby swordfish poses perfectly on a fingertip. Give it five years, though, and it will reach a jaw-dropping three meters in length!

Marine biologist Juan C. Levesque artistically captured a not-often seen sight – a baby swordfish.

But don’t let its adorable small size fool you. They are a feeding machine at birth, capable of preying on the abundant fish larvae that inhabit the waters, and thus making them one of the top predators that swim.

“Born with a short snout and prickly scales, swordfish develop rapidly,” Levesque writes in his article on the species. “Researchers in the Mediterranean Sea estimated the average growth rate of post-larvae/juvenile swordfish at somewhere between one-eighth and one-quarter of an inch per day.” Talk about a growth spurt!

a freshly caught swordfish lays in a bucket of ice showing its b

The International Game Fish Association’s all-tackle angling record for a swordfish was a 1,182-pound specimen taken off Chile in 1953. Hard to fathom fighting a beast of that size with rod and reel!

And just think, within a year this little one might be almost 40 inches long.



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Baby Swordfish Might Just Be the Cutest Swimmer in the Sea