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Baby Dolphin Rescued from Fishing Line in Florida [VIDEO]


After monitoring the dolphin since January, officials finally intervened and cut the entangling fishing line from its snout.

A dolphin calf was recently rescued off the coast of Florida from a fishing net that was tangled around its snout. The dolphin had been spotted on Jan. 18 and officials have been monitoring the dolphin to see if intervention was necessary.

In the end it took 35 people from 12 different organizations over two days to free the dolphin.

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The fishing line was so tight around the dolphin’s jaw that it was cutting into the bone and threatened infection.

Officials finally tracked down the dolphin and its mom and cut the monofilament line from the baby. They put tracking devices on both dolphins and released them.

This is an example of why all anglers need to be conscious of their gear. Now that fishing season is upon us, make sure you clean up after yourself and discard fishing line, plastic bags and other gear in the correct manner.

If you see a marine animal that is injured or the like, call 877-WHALEHELP

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Baby Dolphin Rescued from Fishing Line in Florida [VIDEO]