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Avian Pox Likely Found in Oklahoma Turkey

The signs of avian pox have been seen in an Oklahoma turkey, putting hunters in the state on alert.

A turkey found in Seminole County, Oklahoma had a severe amount of lesions covering its face, a common symptom of avian pox.

Avian pox can be fatal to the birds, but the unsettling appearance may be worse than the overall impact the virus is likely to have on the wild turkey population. It’s usually spread by mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, the bird in the photos was disposed of before biologists could conduct the proper tests to determine if it was indeed avian pox.

Here’s the Facebook post from the National Wild Turkey Foundation, who shared photos sent in by one of their regional directors.

The need for definitive tests is crucial, so the NWTF is asking anyone in the area to immediately put harvested birds on ice, and contact a game warden or biologist as soon as possible.

Here’s more news coverage from the local NBC affiliate.

In the meantime, no effects on the Oklahoma spring turkey hunting season have been announced or anticipated.


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Avian Pox Likely Found in Oklahoma Turkey