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Animal Rescue: Trappers Release Small Buck from Coyote Trap [VIDEO]

Watch these trappers help a whitetail deer that accidentally gets caught in coyote trap. 

Two coyote trappers had a whitetail button buck step in one of their traps at the edge of a field. Fortunately, it happened during the day and there were two men there to help release the deer. Releasing any deer, even a small one like this, can be a dangerous procedure. Deer have a lot of power behind those sharp hooves and have been known to seriously harm humans who have been on the receiving end of their kicks.

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The hunters go in a little cautiously at first as the excited deer thrashes when the men try to cover its head with a jacket. A barking dog near the camera is not helping to calm the little deer. Finally, one of the trappers gets the yearling in a front headlock and tackles it to the ground, where they are able to release the trap from its leg.


One of the men remarked in the video text that while the little fella wasn’t happy about his predicament, he seemed very happy to run off once set free. Never take situations with trapped or hung up deer lightly; even small animal rescue situations like this merit caution. Deer are equipped to do damage to unwary or unprepared humans.

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Animal Rescue: Trappers Release Small Buck from Coyote Trap [VIDEO]