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Angler Catches 1,247-Pound Greenland Shark from Kayak


This angler’s massive greenland shark might be the biggest catch made from a kayak we’ve ever heard of.

Joel Kayakangler, a Swedish angler and fishing journalist, caught a 1,247-pound greenland shark from his kayak early Monday morning. We don’t know exactly where Joel caught the shark, but it was somewhere near Greenland. According to his Facebook page, the shark took the bait at a depth of 1,670 feet.

Image via Facebook/Joel Kayakangler

“As I set the hook I was met by a solid resistance. It was the weirdest fish fight of my life. The shark was taking line on a pre-set 50lb drag and since I was strapped in to the equipment I was scared of going over. I had it roll on me several times and each time it untangled itself it left me with 6-12ft of slack line to reel in not to let it turn its head.” 

Greenland sharks, also known as grey sharks, are the only sub-arctic species of shark and are one of the largest species of shark in the world. They also have the world record for the most toxic meat of any shark. But Joel won’t be eating his catch. He and his team safely released it after taking some measurements.

Image via Facebook/Joel Kayakangler

Catching a greenland shark from a kayak is certainly an impressive feat, especially considering the shark dwarfed Joel’s boat.

“It was scary as hell and I loved every second of it!” Joel wrote on his Facebook page.  

Image via Facebook/Joel Kayakangler
Image via Facebook/Joel Kayakangler

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