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Smith & Wesson Says America Still Really Likes Guns [PICS]

Smith & Wesson recently released a 48-slide presentation filled with telling gun statistics.


Smith & Wesson released their 48-slide investor presentation on the state of firearms in America.

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Theses slides prove that America is still really into guns, despite controversy and politics. And the majority of Americans also really like Smith & Wesson.

Check out the slideshow to see the most important slides from the Smith & Wesson presentation. 

All slides from the Smith and Wesson presentation. 

People want handguns just as much as they want rifles and shotguns.

There are a ton of new shooters in this country.

People want guns to feel safer, not just for hunting or sport.

Background checks are on the rise, which means more Americans are buying more guns.

New shooters in America consist of women and the youth.

What Smith & Wesson have in store for us this year.

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Smith & Wesson Says America Still Really Likes Guns [PICS]