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Amazing Turkey Bowhunt: No Blind, No Problem [VIDEO]

It doesn’t get much better than this turkey bowhunt. 

These guys hit the woods in New Jersey and call in three big gobblers.

WATCH THIS: Bowhunting Turkeys Without a Blind [VIDEO]

Watch the video to see how the action unfolds.


What a hunt!

Hunters looking to duplicate this turkey bowhunt should pay attention to the reasons these guys were successful. They wore leafy camouflage suits to break up their outline, they placed their decoys close to their set up to ensure an accurate shot, and the hunter waited for the target bird to be distracted before drawing his bow.

This hunter chose to use a broadhead specifically designed for headshots and it worked great. If you would rather shoot for the body, use a wide cutting expandable head and learn where to aim at different angles.

These hunters didn’t use a blind, but they were both hiding behind tail fans. Turkeys seem to lose some of their wariness when they see a tail fan, and these hunters used that to their advantage. If you are thinking of using this method, make sure you are the only one hunting the area to avoid being mistaken for a strutting tom.

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Amazing Turkey Bowhunt: No Blind, No Problem [VIDEO]