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California’s Amazing 3,200-Year-Old Tree [VIDEO]

National Geographic has captured footage this 3,200 year old Sequoia tree using modern technology.

This giant Sequoia tree named “the President” in Sequoia National Park finally has a real picture.

Up until now, this giant never had a full picture taken of it due to its huge proportions. It took a mosaic shot of 126 individual images to combine to get the full picture.


A photographer for National Geographic named Michael “Nick” Nichols achieved this awe inspiring picture. It was featured in the December, 2012 issue of the famed magazine.

This video shows how much work went into the making of the picture of the second largest known tree. The epic tree has unreal proportions and is unbelievably old at 3,200 years.

May it have many more.

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California’s Amazing 3,200-Year-Old Tree [VIDEO]