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Albino Deer Sheds Antlers [VIDEO]

Albino Deer Sheds Antlers [VIDEO]

Albino deer are a beauty to behold and a rarity in nature, so getting a glance at them is always an amazing feat. Lucky for us some folks up in Buffalo County, Wisconsin were able to capture this rare animal on video, and what they captured isn’t just any random occurrence.

We’re all aware that around this time of year, give or take a few weeks, bucks and bulls of the Cervidae family start to shed their antlers. This process is completely natural and is not painful to the animal anymore than it’d be painful for us to clip our nails. From the Maryland DNR:

Antlers are shed from early December through March. When deer drop their antlers depends on the amount of stress on the buck after the rut, heredity and nutrition.

Shed antlers are called “drops.” Looking for them can be a good way to spend late winter days in the field. Usually only one side of the rack can be located at a time, because both sides of the antlers do not drop simultaneously. They are difficult to find after late winter because small mammals, mice and squirrels, eat the antlers for the calcium in them.

A yearling buck can support a six to eight point rack by fall. This dispels the misconception that the age can be determined by the number of points. Age is determined by the replacement and wear of the teeth.

Another misconception is that antlers are horns. Horns are not shed annually. They continue to grow through the year. Cattle and goats have horns. The deer family’s bony structures are antlers because they are shed annually. Deer do not always grow the same size rack each year.

Antlers are truly fascinating examples of nature at work, and albino deer are nature’s purest anomaly. Putting the two together, the moment you’ve been reading for, check out the video below as this albino deer sheds his antlers on video.

Pretty cool, right? We wish the video were longer so we had more time to observe such a majestic creature, but for now we’ll just have to settle for the replay button and await some new footage from the end of this season.

Have you ever seen a buck shed its antlers in person? How about catching an albino deer out in the wild? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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