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Alaskan Grizzly Bear Tour Produces Wet Pants [VIDEO]

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A couple on a grizzly bear tour in Katmai National Park got a little more than they bargained for.

The 14-person grizzly bear tour group went out specifically looking for bears. And bears they found. Or the bears found them.

Several members admitted to peeing their pants. Wouldn’t you?


Larry Griffith and his wife were with the grizzly bear tour group in Alaska when a grizzly bear charged at them from down the river. The bear was likely looking for fish when it charged the group.

They all stood their ground and held stone-still as the bear sniffed around their group, posturing at them, and even touching some of their poncho hoods. Griffith said:

Your hair started standing up. You could hear him breathe, you could see fish between his teeth. He smelled like rotten carpet. I’ll never forget that smell.

No wonder several members of the grizzly bear tour soiled their pants.

According to Bear Smart, the group did everything right. They stayed close together in a large group, and they stood their ground instead of running.

In the video, Griffith stated that the guide even mentioned afterward that if anyone would have left the group, the bear would likely have mauled them.

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Alaskan Grizzly Bear Tour Produces Wet Pants [VIDEO]