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African Buffalo MacGyvers His Escape from Hungry Lions

When a cape buffalo is attacked by a couple of ravenous male lions it makes unexpected use of a vehicle tire to force the lion’s retreat.

This video shows a common scene in South Africa’s Kruger National Park: a game of life and death that takes place between big cats and their prey. Here, two male lions attack a large cape buffalo in sight of a group of vehicles carrying park tourists.

It’s a thrilling moment for the people watching, but not so thrilling, perhaps, for the buffalo. But the big beast fights valiantly against his two attackers, tossing one into the air with his horns and wounding it enough that the feline is forced to retreat from the battle.

The buffalo is still in dire straits, however, as the second lion has its teeth and claws firmly embedded into the buff’s rear end, with plenty of buffalo blood plainly in view on the lion’s face. But it ain’t over til it’s over!

The buffalo’s failed attempt to shake the lion free turns into what looks like an effort to walk the cat off, and brings the two animals to the road where the tourist vehicles are lined up.

In what is most likely a frustrated last ditch reaction, upon making contact with the vehicle tire in front of it, the big bovine bucks its head powerfully and gores the tire. The punctured tire emits a loud hissing noise that immediately startles the still attached lion, compelling it to release its grip and jump back away from its intended victim.

Yes, the king of the jungle acted like a scaredy cat from a hissing car tire. The buffalo earned himself a second chance at life with what surely was a lucky move.


Experience Means Life or Death When Charged by a Lion [VIDEO]


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African Buffalo MacGyvers His Escape from Hungry Lions