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Brothers Win Michigan’s Predator Challenge with Tandem Shot

Michigan Live

The winners of Michigan’s Great Lakes Regional Predator Challenge were recently announced: Adrian and Adam Blicharski. 

The winners of the Predator Challenge’s $3,000 check, the two brothers almost gave up on the contest entirely after one misstep after the other. First, they parked their truck two miles from where they should’ve for the contest.

The next misstep? They “left their keys with their gear in the woods…and called it quits about midnight.” However, thank goodness they preserved, as shown in the following video.

Adrian dropped the first coyote with little issue the next night, but the second coyote was slightly more elusive to pin down. They ultimately issued a tandem shot that ended being the winner as the brothers were able to nail the ‘yote in the Predator Challenge.

The Blicharski brothers pulled off their victory with thermal imaging and a little luck. Congrats on your victorious tandem shot, Adrian and Adam!



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Brothers Win Michigan’s Predator Challenge with Tandem Shot