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3 Historic Guns Stolen from National Civil War Museum in Pennsylvania


Recently, three historic guns were stolen from the National Civil War Museum in Pennsylvania. 

Part of the NRA-sponsored exhibit known as Guns and Lace, the three firearms were historic guns. One of the firearms, said to be Secretary of War Simon Cameron’s, was on loan to the museum, while the other two were owned by the city of Harrisburg.

The other two Colt revolvers, including one that was presented to Cameron by Samuel Colt himself in 1861 and “the city paid six-figures for the set of revolvers in 1996.”

All of the firearms are still functional and were the only things taken in the theft. The Harrisburg police has just released photos of the surveillance footage, revealing only one male subject.

The museum’s alarm system had stopped working, so no one was alerted at the exact time of the theft. The police are looking for the historic guns, and have provided this detailed description of the firearms, courtesy of PennLive.

The revolvers were a 44-caliber Army revolver, serial number, 11708, and a .36-caliber Navy revolver, serial 1825. They were contained in wooden case with a .44-caliber bullet mold, .36-caliber bullet mold, and a round tin container of 250 Eley Bros metal lined caps for Colt revolvers.

The rifle was an M1860 factory engraved Henry repeating rifle with “Cameron” on the receiver. The gun was made by the New Haven Arms Company, serial number 115.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Harrisburg Police.



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3 Historic Guns Stolen from National Civil War Museum in Pennsylvania