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When This Anaconda Bites a Celebrity’s Nose, We All Feel the Pain

Would you stick your head in a case of anacondas after smelling like rats, their favorite food? Yeah – me either, but Shane Warne did. 

Shane Warne isn’t a name we hear often in these United States, but that’s only because we aren’t raging fans of cricket. He’s an Australian cricket legend who, in his gleeful retirement, decided to go on the reality show, “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!”

So he went on this show, and he got bit in the face by an anaconda. Watch the POV footage right now.

The juvenile anaconda that bit Shane Warne is “non-venomous but very aggressive. Anacondas have 100 rear-facing teeth. Being bitten by one is like getting 100 hypodermic needles at once,” News.AU reported.

While Warne’s greatest fear is snakes, I think we can all agree that getting bit by one is pretty high up on the list of ‘Please God No’ for all of us. Regardless, being the tough athletic mountain man that he is, he shook it off.

He was immediately treated by medical professionals and his face might have a little scar, but it’s probably worth it to tell the chicks that he got a scar from a snake bite. Chicks dig scars, bro.



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When This Anaconda Bites a Celebrity’s Nose, We All Feel the Pain