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Seasonal Bass Fishing: How to Catch Lunkers All Year

Bass are a more common species throughout the U.S., making them an ideal fish to catch year-round. 

However, even with all of the fantastic bass frog lures and bass-specific tackle on the market today, there still isn’t one set type that truly works for seasonal bass fishing year-round. Well, that’s because bass don’t eat the same thing throughout the year.

Instead, their patterns for foraging evolved to adapt with the changes of seasons, and this is especially true if you live in areas that do experience all four seasons each year, like the Mid-Atlantic region or Colorado.

This handy infographic from Fix breaks down the basics of seasonal bass fishing. Save this for later because you’ll want it on-hand regardless of the weather outside.

Did you find this helpful? I had never truly considered the drastic water temperature changes that happen every year. A part of me knows that the temperatures do change, but I had never actually taken care to look into those specific temperatures.

Did you learn anything new?


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Seasonal Bass Fishing: How to Catch Lunkers All Year