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7 Ways to Display Your Fresh Sheds Besides in Your Garage

Jake Hofer

Display and utilize your shed antlers with these 7 interesting ideas. 

You’ve trekked the woods and have finally compiled a nice collection of shed antlers, but now what? Antlers offer endless possibilities  when it comes to displaying these natural treasures.

Here are 7 ways to display shed antlers in a cool and fresh way.

1. Custom shed antler display

antler display1
Everything Shed Dog

Proudly share your shed antlers with a nice wall display and a nice trail cam picture to help tell the story.

2. Create one unique antler knife

antler knife

Antler knives are pretty awesome and make creative decorative or functional pieces.

3. Gun display

gun display
Key Point Firearms

A piece of drift wood and a small antler is all you need to create this rustic antler display. This idea is truly unique and would start endless conversation at the coffee table.

4. Antler chandelier

Antler Shed
Shed Antler Designs

Make a one-of-a-kind light fixture using a elk shed antler. Perfect for any cabin or man cave.

5. Ultimate antler arch

Ultimate Collection
Bil n Kit

If your collection is extensive, this  would make an interesting entrance to the ranch or farm.

6. Antler letter opener

antler letter opener

Open letters like a true shed hunting addict. Make your one of your beloved shed antlers into a letter opener and use it almost everyday. It can be a daily reminder to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

7. Three antler rustic lamp

Antler Lamp
Southern Creek Furniture

This piece is a must for any antler addict. I’m no interior decorator, but this lamp would go along nicely with a living room of shoulder mounts.



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7 Ways to Display Your Fresh Sheds Besides in Your Garage