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50 Things to Love About Northwest Rivers [VIDEO]

Sometimes, it’s good to see the world through the eyes of a child. Especially when you’re looking at a river.

I’m guessing young Parker Arneson has a pretty good life. He gets to play around some Pacific Northwest rivers.

American Rivers, an organization dedicated to the conservation of wild waterways, produced this video.

In the video, Parker shows us 50 things to love about Northwest rivers.

From watching waterfalls to jumping in puddles; touching newts, frogs, and snails to watching wild salmon jump; and flipping rocks to skipping rocks; seeing rivers through the eyes of a child brings a wonderful perspective to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


As anglers, we often get caught up in focusing only on fishing.

Parker reminds us that rivers are beautiful, interesting, wonderful places that we should appreciate for reasons other than the fish.

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50 Things to Love About Northwest Rivers [VIDEO]