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5 Reasons You Missed the Morning Turkey Bonanza When You Should’ve Nailed Gobbler

If you love gobblers, then you know all about the morning turkey bonanza.

Turkey hunting can be a lot of hard work. It can also be a lightening strike of luck that results in a tag out on opening morning. However for most of us, it’s somewhere in between. It’s during those times that we can all enjoy spring, look for mushrooms, and listen to far off turkeys gobble their heads off. For me though, it’s the morning turkey bonanza that I look forward to the most.

If you have ever been hunting in a heavily populated area with a lot turkeys, then you know all about this daylight explosion of sound. It doesn’t happen all spring long, but for a few weeks out of the year from the twilight period just before sunrise to about an hour or so after, gobbles are just everywhere. However, if you go about this special time wrong, you may never hear a sound.

Here are the most common culprits to ruining one of the most special times of spring.

1. Gobbling too soon


If you made it out to the woods on time and without a sound, then you are on the right track. However, if you pull out the old gobbler call or start making hen clucks with a box call before the rest of the woods has had a chance to wake up yet, odds are you are pushing everything away. Those birds may be gone before they even fly down from the trees.

2. Gobbling too much

I’ve hunted with a guy that would not stop with his shock gobbler no matter what the birds were telling him. He couldn’t hear a gobble without gobbling back no matter how far off the gobble sounded.

In my opinion, less is always more when it comes to hunting turkeys. When you start hearing the woods blow up with gobbling birds, a few calls here and there is all you need.

3. Excessive movement

I think we all can agree that turkeys have pretty extraordinary eyesight. Right about the time you can start to see through the woods or out across the field, turkeys can also see you moving around on the ground. Find a very comfortable spot while it’s still dark and don’t move. If not, those birds will fly down 500 yards away and never look back.

4. Poor planning


If you are walking out into the turkey woods just hoping for the best, the law of averages will eventually have you take a bird, but you are going to wait a while. Proper scouting before the season, more detailed scouting the week before, and expert level scouting the night before your hunt will put those averages in your pocket.

5. Sleeping in

This is such a pet peeve of mine! If you are going to go hunting or fishing, why in the world would you choose to sleep in past the prime time? This can’t be any more true than when it comes to turkey hunting.

If you are going to do it, do it right and get out there about an hour before light. You need to be in the woods when you hear the turkeys waking up. You need to be in a shooting position when the turkeys fly down. If you are just strolling out when you can already see where you are going because the sun is up, you probably should have just stayed in bed.

So now we are all curious. What reasons others than the five listed above have caused you or someone you know to mess up their morning of turkey hunting?



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5 Reasons You Missed the Morning Turkey Bonanza When You Should’ve Nailed Gobbler