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5 Pill Bottle Survival Kits That Are Too Easy to Put Together

Alex Burton

Don’t throw those empty pill bottles away, recycle them for survival gear to keep in your pack.

Most of the time we really don’t put much thought into pill bottles as we chuck them away into the trash after they are empty. However, are actually quite handy for the compact storage of many things, survival items included.

Most pill bottles have waterproof seals on them and the larger ones offer ample storage to the creative thinker as to what can be put into them. Here are five kits to think about putting together before you throw that next bottle away.

1. Fishing Kit

A basic fishing kit only really needs three things: fishing line, hooks, and weights. If you have the right bottle, add in a few other extras like a mini knife for cleaning, maybe a few small lures, some swivels, or maybe even a bobber.

2. Sewing Kit

A sewing kit should be in everyone’s bag. The ability to modify gear or make quick repairs in the field makes having a few different sized needles and some mini spools of thread so useful when you need it.

A standard pill bottle can hold about three mini spools of thread. A few needles can be placed through the centers of the spools to keep them all together.

3. Fire Starting Kit


All fire starting kits should contain some dry tinder and at least three fire starting devices.

Tightly pack about three cotton balls in the bottom of the pill bottle for excellent tinder. Find yourself a mini ferro rod, a mini BIC lighter, and some waterproof matches and drop them inside. You now have a pocket-sized fire starting kit.

4. First Aid Kit


A pill bottle would surprise you with how many first aid items it can hold. I would just include the basic items for everyday outdoor injuries.

A few various-sized bandages, butterfly strips, antibiotic ointment, wet wipe, moleskin, mini tweezers, sun block, insect sting/bite relief, and, if you can, some rolled gauze should do the trick.

5. Mini Survival kit

This would be something you might want to find a larger pill bottle for. You will have to get creative on how to properly fit things inside, but you can fit almost as much in a large pill bottle as your standard Altoid survival kits. The pill bottle would almost be better because it is waterproof.

When you have it all together, wrap the outside of the bottle with a few layers of duck tape and tightly wrap paracord over the duck tape to finish it off.

When selecting a pill bottle for kits, always wash them out first and then put them through you own water test to make sure the caps aren’t leaking. If you take the extra step to wrap them with duck tape or paracord make sure to write on the lid what is inside to quickly grab the correct one if you have multiple kits made up.

Now use your imagination and see what other cool kits or uses you can come up with for old pill bottles.

All photos taken by Alex Burton.



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5 Pill Bottle Survival Kits That Are Too Easy to Put Together