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5 Non-Profits Doing Great Work in the Outdoor Community [VIDEO]

Taking wounded veterans fly fishing, bird hunting with disadvantaged kids, and more — these 5 non-profits are giving back and doing great work in the outdoor community.

As outdoorsmen, we know how blessed we are to enjoy the beautiful natural world around us through hunting and fishing. But for many, the joys of the woods and streams are unreachable. Non-profit organizations allow us to give back to the outdoor activities we are so passionate about. The following non-profits help enable people (and animals!) to get out and experience first-hand the wonders of wilderness.

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1. Project Healing Waters


Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing was founded with the mission of helping rehabilitate emotionally and physically disabled veterans and active duty soldiers through fly fishing.

Project Healing Waters provides a wide array of fly fishing and related activities to the program participants. Everything from fly tying classes, casting clinics, rod building, and of course, fly fishing outings are provided free of charge to the participants. Project Healing Waters relies on volunteers from the Federation of Fly Fishers, Trout Unlimited, and local fly fishing clubs. In 2013, volunteers logged over 130,000 hours enabling 5,400 wounded soldiers and veterans to experience the joys and therapeutic benefits of fly fishing.


2. Under Broken Wings

underbroken wings
Under Broken Wings


Under Broken Wings was started by the Ruffed Grouse Society to give a child with a disability the chance to grouse hunt. Each year, the program takes a 14- to 18-year-old with a disability or disadvantage grouse hunting in Minnesota with a whole team of volunteers. Guides, dogs, hunting partners, lodging, transportation, a ceremony and more are provided to the program participant.

Ruffed Grouse Society members often step up and donate lifetime memberships to the participants as well. Some of the participants have been born physically disabled, others diagnosed with disease, and others come from disadvantaged family circumstances. Whatever the disability, Under Broken Wings strives to give its young participants the unforgettable joy that comes with grouse hunting in the fall woods.


3. Cross Trail Outfitters


Cross Trail Outfitters provides hunting and fishing clubs for boys as a place for mentorship, fellowship, and the great outdoors with a focus on Christian values. Cross Trail Outfitters builds relationships with local communities and relies on volunteer mentors and guides for the hunting and fishing excursions.

The organization seeks to instill respect for the outdoors and leadership skills in the young men who participate. Each summer, Cross Trail Outfitters also puts on camps in several states where boys aged 10 to 20 learn to shoot, hunt, and fish in a supportive, Christian setting. Cross Trail is all about giving back and ensuring youth get the chance to experience God’s great creations!


4. Trinity Oaks


Based in San Antonio, Trinity Oaks provides full service hunting and fishing outings for veterans, youth in need, disabled, and terminally ill. In addition, Trinity Oaks provides over 7,000 pounds of game meat to those in need throughout Texas and Northern Mexico.

The organization provides this meat through its own commercial meat processing and distribution center in south Texas.The frozen, packaged meat is sent to facilities such as orphanages, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens. Dried and smoked meats are sent to our troops serving overseas. Trinity Oaks also actively mentors youth, connects with veterans, and those with terminal illnesses all through hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors.


5. Texas Sporting Breed Rescue

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.24.16 PM

“Save a life, retrieve a friend!” Texas Sporting Breed Rescue is all about the dogs. The organization specifically works to provide welfare, shelter, and adoption for dogs and puppies in the sporting group breeds. Volunteers, foster homes, and adoptions are all integral parts of the rescue organization. Breeds targeted range from retrievers, setters, pointers, and more.

Outdoorsmen and women are so fortunate to enjoy the beautiful outdoors through hunting and fishing. These five non-profit organizations give back to the community that we all love so much. Show your support today!



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5 Non-Profits Doing Great Work in the Outdoor Community [VIDEO]