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5 Lessons About Life That We Can Learn from Geese [PICS]

We all know that geese fly south for the winter, but there are many other life lessons that we can learn from geese.

Here are five things geese can teach us about life. You might take notes from good example.

1.  Mate for life

Geese are known to mate for life. The CDC states that approximately 36 percent of marriages today end in divorce. Geese are fiercely protective of their mates and offspring. Furthermore, when a mate dies or is killed, the remaining mate will mourn in seclusion.

After going through a period of mourning, the goose that lost its partner will never mate again for the rest of its life. It’s a tribute to a lasting relationship. In today’s disposable world, we could learn from geese as to what it means to nurture and work on a bond with another human being, as opposed to filing paperwork when things get tough.

2. Work as a team.

While they are traveling, geese use a V pattern. When you hear the pattern pass overhead, you’re bound to hear the continuous honking. That is actually encouragement for the leaders to keep flying forward. Imagine if we could support our co-workers, teammates and family that way? What a change in perspective and culture that could be if encouragement of others was not expected, but rather just a part of the job.

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3. Share responsibility within community.

In addition to the communal culture of support, when the leader of the V gets tired, they rotate the responsibility. This practice benefits the individual and the entire group. Think about your family, co-workers, teammates, etc., and consider how productive that organization would and could be if we picked up the slack for someone when we knew we could.

4. Travel/Vacation

There is something to be said for keeping the home fires burning, but travelling allows the mind and spirit to grow. For geese, it is out of necessity: the temperatures grow too cold in the winter and they must head south to survive. However, we can take a note from our feathered friends and go to another part of the world to allow us to grow.

I’ve been fortunate enough to leisurely drive across the United States, as well as travel to parts of Europe and South America. From each of those major journeys, I came back with a fresh perspective and outlook on my place in the world. But that luster soon fades, so more traveling is needed!

It can become addictive, but there is so much to see in this great world of ours. One needs to make it a point to go outside of his or her comfort zone in order to expand their minds and souls. It is a worthwhile investment of time and money.


5. Compassion

I had heard that when a goose is shot and injured, or becomes injured and drops from the formation, that his buddy will stay with it until that injured goose is healed and ready to travel again.

This phenomenon was one of those nature fairy tales that I didn’t know if I believed or not. However, I went to one of my favorite farm ponds to fish for bass and there were two geese down at the other end. I was headed to that corner of the pond to fish. When I got closer, I could see that one of the geese had a lame leg and was having trouble navigating around in the grass. As I got closer, his buddy sprinted directly at me, putting him between the hurt and me. He stood as tall as he could, craned his neck and began flapping his wings viciously while honking at me. He wouldn’t give in and continued to move towards me. I retreated and took the long way around. I was struck by the loyalty that this goose had towards his fallen comrade.

We could all learn about how we handle our lives if we paid attention to how geese go about their lives. Take a minute, and look around you. The answers to some of your questions might be right outside of your door flying above you in a V.


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5 Lessons About Life That We Can Learn from Geese [PICS]