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5 Hunters and Anglers Who Are Changing the Stereotypes [PICS]

Fort Knox

These 5 celebrities are breaking the traditional molds when it comes to hunting and fishing personalities.

There’s nothing wrong with traditions and doing things the way our grandparents did. But these hunters, anglers, and conservationists have a different view and are breaking the traditional stereotypes associated with hunting and fishing.

These stereotype-breaking young pioneers are doing a lot for the sports we cherish. Maybe even more than they realize. With interest in hunting and fishing declining across the country and reliance on technology increasing, there is a real and urgent need to reach a new generation and get people invested again.

Eva Shockey

Eva is widely recognized in the outdoors industry for being an outspoken and proud outdoors-woman. Growing up and going on adventures with her father, Jim Shockey, instilled a passion for hunting and conservation that still holds true today.

Eva Shockey shatters many stereotypes by being very active on social media, which may help to recruit a younger generation. In May 2014, she was the first woman to be featured on the cover of “Field and Stream” since 1976, lending a strong voice to women hunters. She’s also very level-headed and able to address anti-hunting sentiments in extremely tactful ways instead of responding negatively to fuel their arguments. Well done, Eva!

hunting stereotype eva
YETI Coolers


Steven Rinella

A well-known author and host of the popular television program, “MeatEater,” Steven Rinella demonstrates how a truly ethical sportsman or woman should act. His program repeatedly illustrates one important rule: respect for the animal. He doesn’t take unethical shots at animals he’s pursuing, and it’s not “all about the kill” to him.

When he does successfully harvest an animal, Rinella stresses respect for the animal again by properly processing the meat and wasting nothing. In fact, many of his wild game recipes utilize cuts that have traditionally been neglected. When a vegan man questioned him on a book tour, he gave a masterful response outlining his opinion, while remaining very respectful despite the accusation.

hunting stereotype steven rinella
Sportsman Channel


Trent Cole

As if being a NFL Pro-Bowl star and Philadelphia Eagle linebacker weren’t cool enough, Trent Cole is also a passionate hunter and host of the television program, Blitz TV.

Cole was raised in the hunting tradition, and strongly believes in advocacy to help dispel misinformation and recruit new hunters. Despite their overlapping seasons, Cole finds time to balance football and his hunting show, showing his commitment to both.

trent cole
Cole Outdoors


Melissa Bachman

An outdoors-woman from Minnesota, Melissa quickly moved up the ladder from television intern to television host as she pursued her hunting passion. Her excitement for the sport is obvious in her role on Winchester’s “Deadly Passion.”

Bachman was very criticized for posing in a picture with a lion she had legally shot on a wildlife conservancy in South Africa. Throughout the ordeal, she maintained her composure wonderfully while many hunting organizations and individuals rallied to support her.

hunting stereotype melissa bachman
Sportsman Channel


Mike Iaconelli

Mike “Ike” Iaconelli is a professional BASS and FLW Tournament angler that breaks the typical stereotype molds. He is an eight-time Bassmaster tournament champ, but what makes him different is his non-typical personality.

Often during tournaments, Ike reacts passionately and loudly, and occasionally breaks into dance on his boat. Not one to hide his emotions, he is often viewed as ushering in the next generation of bass fishermen. Ike is also pioneering a live streaming show called “Ike Live” that features fishing tips, tournament results, guest interviews, and Q&A with viewers, setting himself apart from the traditional fishing crowd.

hunting stereotype mike iaconelli
World Fishing Network


To those on this list and anyone doing the same, keep up the great work!

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5 Hunters and Anglers Who Are Changing the Stereotypes [PICS]