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7 Biggest Non-Typical Whitetail Deer in the Record Books

These are the seven biggest non-typical whitetail deer kills currently in the Safari Club International record book.

Whitetail deer are one of the most widespread and commonly hunted species of big game anywhere in the world. Also known as Odocoileus virginianus, or the Virginia Deer, whitetail deer are a very resilient and adaptable species and are found in every state except Alaska and Hawaii, and certain parts of Canada and Mexico.

Using the Safari Club International measuring system, the length of the main beam of each antler is measured, along with the length of all typical tines, the circumference of the main beam at the smallest place between each typical tine, and the greatest inside spread of the main beams. Only tines greater than one inch long and longer than they are wide are measured. All of the measurements are added together for the final score of the deer. Though only non-typical deer are on this particular list, white-tailed deer may be scored as typical or non-typical. When scoring as a non-typical, all non-typical tines are measured in addition to the typical tines.

Unlike the Boone and Crockett Club, SCI does not deduct the score for non-typical points (on a typical deer) or differences in symmetry. Additionally, SCI does not measure the tip to tip spread or the greatest outside spread of a deer. For these reasons, the SCI score is often significantly different from the B&C score for the same animal.

All of the deer on this list were 100% free range: none were farm raised or killed on a high fence hunt. Additionally, it just so happens that all the deer on this list were taken on self-guided hunts. That just goes to show you that it’s not necessary to spend a ton of money on a guided hunt in hopes of shooting a world record deer.

Keep in mind that this is just a list of the top bucks in the SCI record book. Though some deer are entered in multiple record books, the entries on this list may vary from the top bucks in the Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young record books. No matter how you slice it though, these are some massive bucks!

#7 A.J. Downs

biggest non-typical white-tailed deer kills #5

Image Courtesy of SCI

When: September 2012
Where: San Jacinto County, Texas
Method: Archery
Points: 29 (14×15)
Main Beams: 19 3/8” & 17 5/8”
Greatest Inside Spread: 20 1/8″
275” overall
Taken by Mr. A.J. Downs and scoring a whopping 275″ overall, this deer was taken in Texas, where it really does seem like everything is bigger. Not only is this deer #5 overall, but it was the overall Texas state record for a short period of time. The fact that this gigantic old buck was taken with a bow just makes it that much more impressive.

Texas hunting doesn’t have to be hard to make a reality, and the Ox Hunting Ranch is among the best to choose from.

#6 Robert McCulley

When: October 2014
Where: Louisa County, Iowa
Method: Archery
Points: 30 (14×16)
Main Beams: 26 3/8” & 25 7/8”
Greatest Inside Spread: 19″
278 1/8” overall
This massive deer taken by Robert McCulley in 2014 is the largest deer from Iowa currently in the SCI record book. Iowa has a reputation for being one of the best states to hunt whitetail and it’s really tough to argue with results like this.

#5 Bobby L Beeman

biggest non-typical white-tailed deer kills #4

Image Courtesy of SCI

When: September 1998
Where: Park County, Wyoming
Method: Crossbow
Points: 30 (15×15)
Main Beams: 22 4/8” & 25 4/8”
Greatest Inside Spread:21 2/8”
281 4/8″ overall
This impressive buck taken by Mr. Bobby Beeman not only scored an incredible 281 4/8″, but is also the largest non-typical whitetail deer in the record book taken with a crossbow. Though Wyoming is not often regarded as a state that produces amazing trophy quality whitetail deer, this old buck is proof that there are some whoppers in the state.

#4 Helgie Eymundson

biggest non-typical white-tailed deer kills #3

Image Courtesy of SCI

When: November 2008
Where: Alberta, Canada
Method: Rifle
Points: 36 (20×16)
Main Beams: 22 2/8″ & 21 7/8″
Greatest Inside Spread: 21 5/8″
287 4/8″
This buck, taken by Helgie Eymundson, is the largest non-typical ever taken in Canada, and incidentally, the only buck on this list taken with a rifle. With an incredible 36 scoreable points on his rack, and some extremely thick main beams, this gnarly old buck scores an impressive 287 4/8″ overall, despite the fact that he his main beams are not extremely long.

#3 Dan Coffman

When: October 2015
Where: Fairfield County, Ohio
Method: Archery
Points: 37 (21×17)
Main Beams: 25 5/8″ & 28 5/8”
Greatest Inside Spread:24 2/8”
300 4/8” overall
This monster buck taken by Dan Coffman in 2015 caused quite the stir when images of the deer started appearing on social media. However, the buck was legally taken on a 100% free range hunt, which was confirmed by Ohio wildlife officer Tony Zerkle. The deer is also potentially the new #2 all-time Pope & Young buck. Mr. Coffman also filmed this hunt, which will be airing on Break TV in late 2016, so stay tuned to see how the hunt went down.

#2 Robert Taylor

biggest non-typical white-tailed deer kills #2

Image Courtesy of SCI

When: December 2012
Where: Grayson County, Texas
Method: Archery
Points: 30 (15×15)
Main Beams: 21 5/8″ & 20 4/8”
Greatest Inside Spread:17 6/8”
301 6/8” overall
This buck, taken by Robert Taylor and scoring 301 6/8″, was one of a very select few whitetail deer to ever have a rack that measures in excess of 300″. Taken just a few months after A.J. Downs took his, this gnarly old buck is currently the #1 non-typical whitetail deer ever taken in the great state of Texas. Though the deer lacks long main beams and a wide spread, he has some very long individual tines, including some excellent drop tines, that propelled him beyond that 300″ mark.

#1 Michael Beatty

biggest non-typical white-tailed deer kills #1

Image Courtesy of SCI

When: November 2000
Where: Greene County, Ohio
Method: Archery
Points: 30 (15×15)
Main Beams: 26 1/8″ & 26 2/8″
Greatest Inside Spread: 25 5/8″
311 7/8″ overall
This gigantic old buck, taken by Mr. Michael Beatty, scored an incredible 311 7/8″ overall. Though Ohio does not have quite the reputation of Texas or Iowa for being a whitetail paradise, the state clearly has some incredible deer hunting, as evidenced by the fact that not one but two deer scoring over 300” from the Buckeye State have been entered in the SCI record book. This old brute has a great inside spread, long & thick main beams, and an incredible 30 scoreable points, which make him far and away the largest non-typical whitetail deer in the record book, as well as the largest ever taken in the United States.

7 Biggest Non-Typical Whitetail Deer in the Record Books