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Is the .380 Pistol a Hog Gun? It Was in This Case [VIDEO]

When we say shot placement is everything, we mean it.

This big trapped hog goes down with a well-placed .380 hollow point bullet to the head.

Watch as this trapper puts the little pocket pistol to good use.

When talking about wild hog killing calibers in a hand gun the .380 is usually not even a thought. It did the job in this case though.

When an around 200 pound wild hog was caught in this cage trap it was time to dispatch this brute. With a .380 caliber pistol loaded with hollow point bullets this trapper takes a perfect up close head shot. The wild beast crumples immediately much to the surprise to the camera man.

Shot placement is always number one. Always use your head and know the limitations of the situation and your caliber. In this case the .380 pistol was just perfect.

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Is the .380 Pistol a Hog Gun? It Was in This Case [VIDEO]