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3 Pairs of Moose Twins Found in Isle Royale, Michigan

Michigan Live

During the annual calves tally, researchers located three sets of moose twins in the National Park. 

Near Lake Superior, Isle Royale is a beautiful expanse of virtually untouched wilderness that fosters many wildlife species, from moose to wolves.

In recent years, the wolf to moose population has been kept closely in check through their natural predator-prey relationship, and two wolves still roam around Isle Royale. Wolves, however, are in a natural decline around the area as “nine wolves in January 2014” were documented, but “just three last winter.”

This decline in the wolf population, however, has allowed the moose population to flourish, including the three sets of moose twins that are now roaming the island, discovered so through their footprints and photos during the calf study.

Michigan Live reports that “28 percent of the moose were calves born in 2015, including two sets of twins.” Another set of twins were born this year, and judging by their footprints, they seem to all hang out together. Which is pretty stinkin’ cute.


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3 Pairs of Moose Twins Found in Isle Royale, Michigan