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3 New Benchmade Blades Every Hunter Needs

Benchmade’s top three new knives are specifically designed for easy field dressing.

Debuted at SHOT Show 2016, Benchmade’s three new knife models will sweep the market by storm and are definitely what every hunter needs in their packs for the field.

Here’s a brief overview of the new Benchmade products featured at SHOT Show 2016.

That video breaks down the basics of each knife model that Benchmade released at SHOT, but below is my take on the three models that I was able to try out personally.

The Nestucca Cleaver


Starting with the Nestucca Cleaver, the Cleaver allows the user to make long clean cuts. The Cleaver has a very tactile grip and a large eyelet for the users index finger to get a better pulling grip. The handle is in Benchmade’s high-viz orange so that you won’t lose the blade in the dark or while digging through your bags.

The blade has a very high edge retention value because of the angle of curvature on the blade and it was designed to help give the user a longer cutting radius to prevent small hacking motions and overall provide a smoother cut.

Notice the index finger grooves on the top and front back side of the blade. The grooves were carved into the blade to provide one more finger position to help the end user cut carefully with the blade.

The Saddle Mountain Skinner and Saddle Mountain Skinner with Hook


The Saddle Mountain skinner and the Saddle Mountain Skinner with Hook were also another set of knives that were truly innovative. The blade is again made with Benchmade’s premium CPM-530V steel that holds an edge for a much longer period of time.

The blade is fixed and feels great in your hand. The grips are gray and black, contoured and textured G10, and won’t slip as your hands start to get messy when field dressing your animals. The hook is the real bonus on this blade. The hook allows you to simply drag the blade across the skin of the animal and make smooth carving lines. The hook is crucial when carefully navigating over delicate parts where surgical steel might be necessary but not available.

The Arvensis


Ending with the Arvensis, this was possibly my favorite all-around fixed blade. The Arvensis, was big, beefy, and is the no-excuse kind of knife you need when your out away from all civilization, and even without cell signal (gasp!).

The blade was solid and you can literally thump away at most wooden, or vascular obstacles that stand in your way. The eyelets in the handle are super convenient to tie it to poles or sticks for a quick spear. The polymer sheath is included with the Arvensis.

Benchmade, as usual, continues to make some knives that are out of this world. With the right attitude, these blades can aid you in some of the most compromising situations.

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3 New Benchmade Blades Every Hunter Needs